cicatrix [sik′ətris΄sik′ə triks΄, si kā′triks΄]
pl. cicatrices [sik΄ə trī′sēz΄, si kā′trəsēz΄] or cicatrixes [sik′ə triks΄iz, si kā′triks΄iz] [ME cicatrice < OFr < L cicatrix, a scar]
1. Med. the contracted fibrous tissue at the place where a wound has healed; scar
2. Bot.
a) the scar left on a stem where a branch, leaf, etc. was once attached
b) the mark left where a wound has healed on a tree or plant
c) HILUM (sense 2 a): Also cicatrice [sik′ətris΄]
cicatricial [sik΄ətrish′əl]

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